Managed Service Provider

TekoneIT collaborates closely with your Talent Management team to gain insights into your workforce requirements and devise a tailored solution for efficient management of your contingent workforce.
As your MSP partner, TekoneIT assumes full responsibility for overseeing all aspects of your contingent workforce, including temporary workers, independent contractors, and other non-permanent staff.
We handle the end-to-end process, from sourcing and recruitment to onboarding and ongoing management of contingent workers, while also managing administrative tasks such as payroll, compliance, and performance management.
Our goal is to ensure smooth operations and maximize efficiency in your workforce management endeavors.

Why your Businesses Need To Choose an MSP Consultant

Streamlining the hiring process:

TekoneIT excels in reducing the time it takes to hire new employees, ensuring efficiency in your recruitment efforts.

Cost-effective solutions:

With TekoneIT, you can minimize hiring costs while still accessing top-tier talent, optimizing your budget for maximum impact.

Immediate staffing solutions:

Partnering with TekoneIT enables you to hire immediately, leveraging our expertise to expedite the recruitment process and meet your workforce needs promptly.

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